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Losing Those Pounds With Resveratrol Supplements

There are many supplements that are said to help with weight loss. The one that I am writing about today is resveratrol.

It is considered by some to be a super supplement because it has many health benefits, apart from helping to burn the calories.

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic antioxidant, the active compound in red wine that is responsible for “The French Paradox”. This conundrum puzzled scientists for some time because the French as a nation smoked more than anybody and the also ate more saturated fat than anybody else. Yet they were living longer than other western nations.

The compound is actually in the skins of the red grapes that make the wine, but is also found in many plant products such as cocoa beans, many berries and peanuts amongst others. For commercial objectives it is refined from the roots of Japanese knotweed. In plants, its function is to protect them from disorders that are caused by fungi and bacteria.

So how does resveratrol help with losing weight?

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We have in our cells some genes that are called sirtuins, commonly known as longevity genes. When resveratrol is active in the body, these sirtuins are triggered. Active sirtuins have been studied and reports suggest that they can help with bodyweight loss.

Tests have been carried out on various animals such as mice and results have shown that a reduction of fat occurred when resveratrol was introduced. The conclusion was that an increased metabolic rate was the reason behind the reduction. As a compounded effect, an increase in levels of vitality led to greater stamina and a further burning of calories. In addition, their hunger was supressed leading to consuming fewer calories. It might be one, two or even all of the reasons listed above, but a decrease in fat was a result.

These investigations are ongoing.

So, resveratrol has a capacity to increase the metabolic rate. Increased metabolism means that the body converts food into energy far more efficiently which means that any fat that is stored in the body can be turned into energy at a faster rate. So if an exercise routine and diet program is incorporated, a drop in bodyweight can be achieved at quite a fast rate.

The benefits of resveratrol in red wine will probably take decades to take effect and consuming quantities of wine isn’t going to be any good for your body. The only real way to consume the required amount of resveratrol needed for any significant effect on metabolism and weight loss would be to take it in the form of supplements.

NOTE. Always check with your doctor before you embark on a course of supplements.

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