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Weight Loss And Where Calories Come From

Just think for a while about what you are eating on a daily basis.

Also consider what you will have to eat so that you can shed those surplus pounds.

Don't eat huge portions
Don’t eat huge portions

Well, those statements are to a large degree meaningless because it matters far more how much you eat rather than what you eat. I know this may seem contentious and contradictory to what the majority of people accept as the truth, but it is a fact.

You see, it is possible to pile on the pounds purely by eating the so called foods that are good for us, the healthy foods, just as much as over eating on unhealthy junk foods.

Many people have struggled for years trying to lose weight by concentrating on just consuming healthy foods. They have stopped thinking about how much that they are eating. Only when they consider the quantity that they consume, do they start to lose weight.


Take seeds and nuts for example, they had deemed them to be healthy, and they are, so they ate lots and lots of them. They lost site of the fact that these two healthy foods are very high in calories and would never work for losing weight when large amounts of them are eaten.

The daily requirement of calories for the majority of women would be met by a cupful of nuts and seeds. Unfortunately, this amount won’t keep the pangs of hunger away for very long.

Health Halo Effect
Health Halo Effect

A university research team in Northern Ireland have verified that there is a phenomenon called the health halo effect. This event causes people to consume more than they mean to due to the fact that they think the food is more healthy that it really is. They base this assumption on one characteristic of the food rather that its overall health properties.

Where weight loss is concerned, healthy is associated with less calories. For instance, 3 wholemeal biscuits have lower calories than 2 normal biscuits, or a low fat yoghurt has less calories than a normal yoghurt. Not Always True.

Similarly, many people have the idea in their heads that there are more calories in unhealthy foods than there really is, when this isn’t necessarily true.

The crux of the matter is that to lose weight successfully, you must start concentrating on the calorific content of the food itself and how much food you are consuming, rather than whether the food is healthy for you or not.


It is pointless, and a pity, that some people have opted to consume just as many calories through their healthy food sooner than something that is not so healthy. Not all of the time I hasten to add, it’s just that unhealthy food can be more enjoyable to eat.

There are some great marketers out there and they can distort the truth about whether a food is healthy or not, so it is important not to listen to these health announcements.

The bottom line is, where the calories come from isn’t important, if you consume additional ones to those that you expend, you have a ZERO chance of losing weight.

Eat Less Calories Than You Use
Eat Less Calories Than You Use

You WILL lose weight if use up more calories than you consume, and it doesn’t matter where those calories come from.

If you refer back to the original statements at the top of this page about what you should eat, the answer is this.. Eat what you like, when you like so long as you don’t eat too much of it.

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