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Perfect Venus Index Shape
Perfect Venus Index Shape

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What is the Venus Factor?

This weight reduction plan has been devised specifically for women. It works in harmony with the female body by maintaining a balanced level of leptin, (a protein hormone), that regulates the appetite.

It uses a combination of a food reduction plan called the “reverse taper protocol” and exercise. Weight loss can be achieved with just the diet, but exercise will speed up the fat loss process and give your muscles more shape, not bulk, I must emphasise, but tone.

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It is an easy to follow 12 week plan that, because of the “reverse taper protocol” food reduction schedule, it ends up with you eating at maintenance. This is when your daily calorie intake and daily calorie expenditure are the same. This strategy means that you will not have any rebound weight gains, you will not have food cravings and you will have a faster metabolism which means that you will have more energy leading to bodyfat loss.

The New Dashboard

venus factor dashboard new

How the Venus Factor Works – Review

After you have watched the introductory video, checked out and got to know your way around the platform etc, you will want to get started.

So, for your first week, you will have to go to the “Virtual Nutritionist” and enter your personal statistics. I have used mine for an example.

virtual nutritionist new
Virtual Nutritionist

From the personal statistics that you have entered, the virtual nutritionist algorithm will work out and present you with several bits of information such as your ideal Venus Factor target figures and your recommended daily calorific details.

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You will see that my maintenance calories are 2,137 and my suggested daily intake is 1,000. This means that to maintain my bodyweight, I need to consume 2,137 kcals, (maintenance number), per day. To get down to my 150 lb ideal bodyweight, I need to start off my diet consuming 1,000 kcals, (deficit number), per day.

What do you do with these figures?

You go to one of the ten, (deficit number) meal plans that is for 1,000 cals per day, and you use that plan. You can mix and match the ten meal plans.

Example 1,000 kcals per day meal plan.

1000 calorie meal plan

Once a week you use the “Virtual Nutritionist” and as your weight and shape changes, your calorie (deficit number) will increase, meaning you can eat more.

For example – say after 6 weeks, I enter my new personal statistics – see below. My waist measurement has gone from 37 in to 28 in.

virtual nutritionist

You will see that my calorie (deficit number) has now increased to 1,550 kcals. That means that I can go to one of the ten (deficit number) meal plans that is for 1,600 kcals per day.

Take note that the calorie (deficit number) only starts to really increase once your waist measurement gets close to the ideal size. This is the overriding metric. Weight doesn’t really count as a metric.

Example 1,600 kcals per day meal plan.

1600 calorie meal plan

It is slightly more complicated than that because you also have to include maintenance “eat up” days where you eat your full maintenance calories, in my example 2,137 kcals. These days are to raise the level of leptin in your body so that you keep burning the adipose tissue. If leptin levels drop too low for too long, then weight gains will occur.

These “eat up” days vary between 1 and 2 days per week, and they also include days where you need to eat more fat, more protein and more carbs. See the table below for more information.

Undulating Metabolic Override Program
Undulating Metabolic Override Program

I won’t go into too much detail about how to use the system because that is the job of the Venus Factor to do. And they explain things very well.

If you do have a problem with anything, check out the forum and the blog posts because everything that you will need will be on there. If you really are stuck, the team at Venus Factor are always at hand and will put you straight. It’s best to check out the site first before getting in touch with them.

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My “Reverse Taper Protocol” diet Review.

The Venus Factor uses the “Reverse Taper Protocol” plan. You can find a detailed explanation here –

Basically, the body gets energy (calories) from A. what we consume, and B. our bodyfat. The more that we have, the less calories that we need to eat in our diet. As the stores deplete, we need to take in more calories from our diet.

For example – if at the start of your diet, the maintenance calories were 2,000 per day, your bodyfat reserves would make up 1,000 and you would need to consume 1,000 from your diet. As your fat reserves reduce, your bodyfat would make up less of the calories. So for example they would make up 500 cals that you need, and you need to eat 1,500 to make up your 2,000 maintenance calories for the day.

There is a formula that works out how many calories you require from each source, depending on the percentage of adipose tissue that you have.

At the end of the day, the “Reverse Taper Protocol” weight reduction plan means that the closer that you get to your ideal shape and size, the more of the maintenance calories that you need will be made up from what you eat. This carries on until you reach your maintenance calories purely from your diet. So at the end of the plan, you will be eating the required calories to maintain your perfect shape.

My Venus Factor Workout Review.

The workout is devised to work in conjunction with the diet. It doesn’t even need to be carried out at all if you don’t want to because the diet will work by itself. However, the workout will tone up and shape your muscles in such a way that it works in harmony with your food intake to craft the perfect and beautiful Venus or Aphrodite shape.

The workouts are created to work the muscles that need to be toned and in the right areas of the body and in the right proportions. They aren’t created at random or meant to give you muscles in the wrong areas which could detract from the Venus shape, they are meant to help you achieve the body that is the shape that you want.

Below is a sample of a workout schedule.

Example V-F Workout
Example Workout

As you see there is nothing too difficult about the workout. There are videos that show you how to do all of the exercises. Below there are screenshots of a “push up” and a “squat and lateral raise”.

Push Up Exercise
Push Up Exercise

Squat and Lateral Raise Exercise

Squat and Lateral Raise Exercise

How Do You Keep Track Of Your Progress?

The program has a tracker to track your progress as you lose weight and change shape. You simply have to enter a few of your details every day and the tracker will plot your progress on a graph. I find seeing progress on a graph a really motivational tool. Please check out the screenshot below to see the tracker in action.

The Tracking Dashboard
The Tracking Dashboard
60 Day Guarantee
60 Day Guarantee

If you are the slightest bit worried that this weight loss system won’t live up to your expectation, they have made everyone a 60 day guarantee that will enable you to get your money back from them without any trouble.

I hope that you have got something out of reading my review of The Venus Factor. There is some other information on this site if you want to check it out for more information. Even if you don’t buy the program from this site, if you found this website of any benefit to you, or you might think it would be of interest to your friends, family or work colleagues, I would be very grateful if you share with them on facebook etc.

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