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Top 20 Weight Loss Tips For Women

Most women have a wish to look wonderful, be fit and feel sexy and desirable. The thing is, if you are starting over, it can be very challenging to think of yourself in that respect. To be honest, it may be daunting for you even thinking about where to begin.

If this rings familiar with you and you are a member of the fairer sex that has an aspiration to lose weight and reach your full potential as a women, you will want to know what the secret is to achieve this aspiration.

In reality, there truly is no secret. It will take a lot of effort, commitment and much preparation on your behalf, however, you will able to succeed. As of right now, we want to motivate you to take steady and decisive action. In this article, we want to reveal to you the top 20 weight loss tips for women that are enormously effectual in reducing your belly fat, reducing your waist size, and making you feel utterly fantastic.

Even though a lot of these tips may sound familiar to you, they still constitute some of the most successful workout routines of the leading fitness experts, coaches, and exercise devotees anywhere around the world at this time. They continue to use them because they get results.

If you’re ready, let’s dive into it.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Unquestionably, this is one of the principal things you should do to begin the procedure of shedding weight. With just a little thought, including water into your daily eating regime is one of the simplest things you are able to do. Moreover, it’s acknowledged to achieve results.

Recent studies that have been undertaken have shown that women who drank water prior to eating their meals for a period of three months, reached their target weights. Women who didn’t drink water before meals, didn’t reach their weight goals.

Ingesting water also helps with the processing of food in the stomach and it also maintains hydration when exercising. When your body is kept hydrated, you function in a more efficient manner, meaning you are going to burn up more energy causing you to lose more weight.

Muscles also require ample water in order to be energized sufficiently. Once again, better muscle productivity also helps with weight loss. If you don’t have sufficient water in your muscles, they won’t be able to work perfectly and you will be deficient of energy, resulting in exhaustion and lack of vigour in your workout. If your muscles are well energized, you will be able to intensify your workouts and work yourself harder, leading to calorie expenditure and weight loss.

2. Eating in Several Intervals

Women who have a desire to start looking great will benefit a lot from interval eating. This is because rather than eating two or three major meals every day, consuming a number of smaller meals daily will not only help in regulating hunger pangs, it will also sustain a regular metabolic rate that will burn additional calories.

How does eating in intervals work?

It is a means of dispersing out what you eat on a daily basis over many meals rather than two or three meals. The way it works is it constantly feeds your body with fuel which means your metabolism is always working. This will have a twofold effect of thwarting off hunger and burning of body fat.

Everyone has heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Well, it is absolutely true when it comes to interval eating, it is one of the main codes because breakfast is the beginning of the daily metabolic sequence.

If you chose to omit breakfast from your eating routine, your metabolic rate is going to reduce. This is because your body is trying to store up the energy that it requires for the day. As your metabolic rate slows down, less weight will be lost, therefore, skipping breakfast should not be done.

Following breakfast, around three to four hours later, you should consume a healthy lunch which contains carbohydrates and protein. Fish or chicken with pasta or rice for example.

A mid afternoon snack is next on the cards. You should aim to eat snacks that have fibre in them such as bran biscuits, some sort of protein such as seeds and nuts, and good fats such as cottage or low fat cheese. This snack will drive away any hunger pangs and also feed your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your metabolism ticking over.

Your meal at dinner should include vegetables, pulses, whole grains and some type of protein.

Finally, before you retire to bed, take a small snack. For example, you could have some cereal or a sandwich with a healthy filling. This is going to maintain an active metabolic rate that will help you to burn calories whist you are asleep.

3. Protein should be included in every meal

Protein is a staple of a quick weight loss diet for women. There are so many benefits of eating proteins. Hence it is included in a women’s weight loss diet regime, all the benefits which cannot be discussed here.

So we will include the most important ones. First, protein keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. Due to the amount of work it takes to process the protein, your body is also burning more calories while it’s processing them. The average woman should consume around forty six grams of proteins a day.

Some of the best foods you can eat for your diet are some of the ones you’ve probably heard of before like chicken and lean beef. However, there are some unconventional proteins to help you diversify your diet.

Lean proteins such as bison, ostrich, and halibut are perfect for helping you to maintain the proteins you need while not getting bored with your diet. Protein is also good for fuelling fat burning, and keeping yourself from eating too many carbs. As we all know, the carb battle is one in which we have to fight in order to stay lean and keep off unwanted weight.

4. Never Skip Breakfast.

We all know this and it’s probably something you’ve heard throughout your life, but why is it so important to not skip breakfast?

Over 10 % of women skip breakfast. Just about every study you read constantly reminds of the benefits of eating not only breakfast, but a good and a healthy breakfast. So again, why is breakfast so important for women looking to lose weight?

First and foremost, breakfast helps you to increase your blood sugar. This is important because your body needs energy to keep going and at night your body is not getting any fuel. So it is important to get the first spike of mental and physical energy from your first meal within 2 hours of getting up in the morning.

Second, studies have also shown repeatedly that people who eat breakfast tend to not overeat during lunch and dinner. Another great benefit of breakfast is that it decreases your chances of getting diabetes.

Research has shown a strong relationship between skipping breakfast and increase in the chances of a diabetes diagnosis. This happens because eating breakfast has everything to do with regulating your appetite throughout the day. If you’re over eating, this can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes.

5. Include Fibre in Your Diet

Fibre consumption is a pivotal part of healthy weight loss dieting. In fact studies have shown that people including fibre in their diets have shown to lose more weight over time than those who didn’t.

Fibre is found in fruits and vegetable normally concentrated in the skin and seeds of fruits and veggies. Women should get over twenty grams of it per day. Foods like apples, and green beans have a large concentration of it in them. The best way to include food in your diet for weight loss is to simply add fruits and veggies to your diet. We will show how to do this more later in this post

6. Get Lots of Sleep

Sleeping is probably one of the most overlooked attributes of weight loss but the most beneficial to an overall healthy lifestyle. In fact, most of the people, don’t get enough sleep. Most of this is due to our constant on the go lifestyle, work schedules or a little bit of both, however, this must change if you are a woman dedicated to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

Recent studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep lose more muscle mass than those who do. In contrast, people who are well rested lose more body fat than those who aren’t well rested. In addition, people who are not sleeping properly tend to over eat. But outside of just eating properly and losing weight, people who aren’t sleeping properly have a host of health issues such diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

So what is the proper sleep that women should get? According to recent studies, women should get anywhere between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Proper sleep leads to higher energy levels. So if you’re looking to lose weight, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to sleep properly. It is truly a necessity.

7. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet will undoubtedly help you to lose weight and keep it off. One of the benefits of eating a diet rich in fibre includes filling you up and keeping you full. Fruits and vegetables are also filled with vitamins and minerals that help to keep you energized. But how much of them should you eat exactly.

AHA (American heart Association), recommends putting half of your fish with vegetables and fruits. There are several ways to include vegetables and fruits into your diet. For example, adding bananas to oatmeal, or eating an apple for a snack. Staples such as broccoli and asparagus with its high water concentration can easily be added to a meal replacing low value carbs.

Additionally, sprucing up your veggies and fruits and getting creative with them in how you eat them can also give you the boost you need to eat the serving required. Equally as important is limiting the amount of portions you consume. Fruits and vegetables can help you achieve this because they are denser in nature, filled with nutrients and contain a lot of water.

8. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption has many negative health consequences and is absolutely critical to maintaining consistent good health and promotes weight loss. But why is it bad for women who are trying to lose weight?

The answer lies in the calories in alcohol. Alcohol promotes fat storage because alcohol contains empty calories, in other words, calories that don’t contribute to muscle growth and fat loss. In addition to this, it also delays fat burning and adds to fat storing up in your body.

So if you want to get lean, fit and in shape, you must avoid alcohol or drink in moderation. Here are some tips to help you quit alcohol. First talk to your local doctor. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and you don’t have to quit on your own. Doctors can give you some step by step information to make the process easier.

Secondly, you must find some interesting reasons to quit alcohol. One big reason is to lose weight so you’re already ahead of the curve there.

Third, you must deal with the influences of your drinking. What causes them and learn how to avoid them.

Last but not least you should think about joining a group that helps with alcohol addiction. Having like-minded people around who are going through the same thing led by professionals and experts can have amazing benefits to getting you over the hump of alcohol addiction.

9. Walking for 45 minutes

Walking is a great cardio workout for women. It’s easy to do, fun, and can really help you in getting started to accomplishing your weight loss goals. Walking for an hour is great for so many reasons of which all cannot be explained, however hear are a few.

For beginners, it’s not bad on your bones and joints. Unlike other cardio workouts, walking does cause the impact on the pavement and other sources you might be running or jogging on.

Also, walking is really a great alternative to complicated exercises . It’s easy, cheap and can be done anywhere. Walking can also help to burn fat, albeit at a slower pace, nevertheless it does come off.

By walking 45 minutes a day, you can lose a lot of the weight you’re trying to get rid of. There are some great training schedules online to help you maintain a great walking schedule so you can lose weight, feel healthy and get in shape.

10. Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are the staple to any weight loss workouts program for women. Some of the greatest cardio workouts for women have contributed to the success stories of many women who have lost a lot of weight and have kept it off. Cardio can be classified as anything that increases your heart rate.

There are a lot of cardio workouts online that you can search that can help you increase your heart rate, but some of the basic ones include running, jogging, walking, cycling, and aerobics.

Most of the cardio workouts include one of the above. For example, fitness magazine has a whole list dedicated to some of their best cardio workout combinations. Other online mediums promote body weight cardio exercises to get your heart rate going. Another great cardio workout includes some form of interval cardio training. These are highly effective workouts which we will talk about later in our post.

11. Yoga—Regular and Hot (Bikram Yoga)

Practicing yoga has become very popular among many people all over the world. The breathing benefits and meditation benefits it provides has been accepted and for good reason. However, it has also become great for helping women lose weight. The exercise benefits of yoga are endless. But for the beginner, starting yoga can be somewhat complicated.

So what exactly is yoga? Yoga is derived from Hinduism and is a discipline that enhances breathing, meditation practices, and utilizes specific body positions to relax individual and to promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

There are different types of yoga. Hot yoga is yoga performed in a room over 95 degrees Fahrenheit . This method is also similar to Bikram Yoga which is also performed in a warm atmosphere, however, Bikram yoga includes 26 poses which are performed over a ninety-minute period. Bikram and hot yoga also have some other subtle difference like the timing of the sessions, the poses performed, and the styles between each practice.

These methods of yoga have been proven to have amazing effects for women looking to lose weight. They are more intense than ordinary yoga sessions, and also require a higher degree of performance from your heart and lungs.

Another topic of interest would be what you should wear while doing yoga, seeing as though this is a very unconventional workout session. When practicing Yoga, women should wear clothes that will absorb a large amount of sweat.

If you can imagine being in a room with lots of people and baggy clothes, you can only imagine how uncomfortable this can be. Try to wear clothes that you would wear for instance going jogging or any other cardio workout you would perform.

12. Running/Jogging/Interval Training

No fitness journey would be complete without discussing the undeniable benefits of running. Running is great workout for promoting cardiovascular fitness, and weight loss.

It can be hard in the beginning, but once you have the hang of it, the joy of you challenging your body to reach new heights is unbelievable. Most experts recommend you start out slow at first and then increase your speed for maximum results. However, the number one thing to do is to just get started doing it.

Some light jogging is great for women who are just starting out, but keep in mind, you must at some point raise your intensity level doing what is known as interval training.

Interval training is the method of running short distances at high levels of speed. This has been proven to increase the intensity to your workouts thus creating high calorie burn as well as stronger muscles, all of which contribute to weight loss and overall body strength.

Recovery exercises after doing these types of running workouts include maybe a short jog or walk. Make no mistake about it, running, jogging and interval training is not only effective but also gets you into shape really fast.

13. Power Lifting For Women

Power lifting is a much debated topic among women who are looking to get in shape. Reason being, most women don’t believe in its benefits because they see it as a way to get bulky and large similar to men. However, powerlifting not only promotes muscle growth, but also fat loss and a lean physique that is very attractive. So don’t let the weights scare if you want to be the sexiest you can be.

First let us define what is power lifting. Powerlifting normally involves the deadlift, squats, and bench press. These workouts are highly effective because they engage many of the body’s muscles at the same time.

Why is powerlifting important for women who want to lose weight? The more dense muscle you have, the more calories you burn. So if you’re looking to burn calories, increase some muscle mass while at the same time losing body weight, powerlifting is perfect for you.

Finally, powerlifting shouldn’t intimidate you or scare you. There are plenty of women who powerlift. In fact, by going online you can find plenty of women who are interested in helping you get started.

14. Meal Plan in Advance

In order to stay on track with your weight loss goals, you have to stay disciplined and consistent with not only your workout schedule, but also your eating regime. Meal planning is one of the ways you can do this.

Creating a meal plan in advance is even better. By creating your meal plan ahead of time you can make sure you never skip breakfast, include plenty of fiber in your diet, and also have protein in every meal. But how do you go about creating your meal plan in advance. There are some very helpful online meal planning guides that can help you with meal planning.

15. Travel and Night Snacks

One of the biggest ways to derail your fitness goals is by snacking late at night and mindless eating on vacation. It’s not that eating snacks at night is a bad thing, or that vacation eating shouldn’t be fun, however, most people just abuse the privilege of doing both.

If you are looking to stay in shape and stay fit while also vacationing and snacking at night, please keep in mind that , you must make good choices while snacking at night. For example, instead of eating chips, and high fructose foods, you can opt for things like celery and cucumbers.

Foods like cherries, cottage cheese, and almonds make great choices for late night snacks. When traveling, the best thing to do is pack foods that will keep you full and also provide the necessary nutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

For example, quinoa, whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwiches, sliced fruit and oatmeal. These are foods that be easily prepared in a hotel room, on a plane or even at rest stops when traveling in a car. They also taste great and are more perfect for maintaining your diet.

16. Positive Mindset

How you think is just as important as how you look and feel. If you think great, you will feel and look great. When planning out your weight loss journey, it’s important to embrace a positive way of thinking. There have been many studies on effects of positive thinking to prove that even your health is predicted upon how you think.

So how can thinking positively help you stay in shape? Reinforcing positive thoughts around how you want to look and the actions required to get you there will help you experience the reality of your goals.

There are some positive thinking exercises you can incorporate into your life like rejecting negative thoughts and negative emotions regarding your weight and how to accomplish your goals. These things may go un-noticed, however they have a huge effect on accomplishing your weight loss and fitness goals.

17. Detox for Weight Loss

A quick weight loss diet would not be complete without detoxing. Detoxing eliminates a lot of toxins and the bloating you might be experiencing. In many cases, this results in some amazing results for some people looking for immediate improvements in their weight loss and fitness goals. 10 day detox program has been proved to be highly effective.

Some water detoxes will consist of drinking lots of water , while others includes healthy food detoxing. The idea of detoxing is to reset your body’s metabolic rate, reduce your body’s tendency to store fat, while at the same time cleanse your body.

For the most part, the foods you eat consist lots of processed sugars or artificial sweeteners, flours and starchy carbs. Normally the detox will last for at least a week or a little over a week. So if you’re ready to take your fat loss to the next level in the shortest period of time, detoxing is the way to go.

18. Swimming For Women to Lose Weight

Generally speaking, pools are looked to, as great places for fun and leisure. They are rarely looked as a great place for work out. However, in recent years, swimming pools have started to gain their place in the stratosphere of cardio and workout regimes of fitness gurus and fitness experts.

You may ask why? Because pool workouts can burn a lot of calories and provide a great workout for many muscles at the same time. Water provides perfect resistance thus increasing the workout’s intensity and it’s a great cardio workout.

Added to this, swimming isn’t bad on your joints. Both of these benefits are great for fat loss and muscle growth.

So how do you get started adding a swimming program to your weight loss regime? You can start by going to your local recreation center and swim the length of the pool, rest for a short period of a time and start the workout over.

Once you’ve mastered these workouts, you can try moving up to performing a more advanced swimming workout consisting of different variations of movements that really challenge your cardio and muscular development.

19. Play a Sport You Love to Play

Sometimes to vary your workouts and make them more interesting, you can also play sports to lose weight that you might be interested in. This is good for many reasons. First, you are able to tap into extra motivation to work out because you’re doing something that interests you. We all know what it feels like to push yourself to the gym or to try and muster up the energy and motivation to get on to a treadmill to workout.

By incorporating playing sports into your overall fitness regime you give yourself not only a good workout, but you make it fun, interesting and exciting. In fact, you can’t wait to play these sports. Secondly, you also stimulate competitiveness and another level of energy because you’re doing something you like to do.

You can play with your friends who you enjoy hanging out with and build relationships with people who love the same sports you do. Some of the popular sports women enjoy playing include, tennis , volleyball, kickball, softball, and basketball. These are all sports that not only stimulate muscles but get your heart rate going as well so that you can perform at a high level while also getting in a good workout while you’re doing it.

20. Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are by far one of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape . They can be done anywhere and at any time. These exercises have been with us since the beginning of time. Why are they effective? How do they work?

Because they apply a mixture of strength training while also increasing your heart rate. If done in right fashion, with the right form and at a high intensity level, they can really tone up your body rather quickly. Since most women are trying to get in shape and lose weight would also like to tone up with bulking, body weight exercises are perfect for them.

What type of bodyweight exercises should you try? You can try a mixture of pushups and sit ups to get started. Other exercises such as pullups, lunges, leg raises and even shoulder raises can help to get the blood flowing and get your muscles toned up.

If you are serious about getting in shape, try adding 10 to 20 reps to your workout program 3 to 4 times a week. As your body gets used to the workouts, you can increase your repetition ranges to 30 to 50 reps.

Finally, try to get in at least 100 reps of each workout group 3 to 4 times per week to really start to see the difference in your muscular development and cardio development without getting bulky.


Hopefully, you’ve been inspired today from this list of weight loss tips that can help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Yes it will take hard work, and yes you will have to commit yourself to changing habits, and changing your lifestyle, but you can do it. You can also keep yourself motivated while you’re on the weight loss journey by continuing to educate yourself and being surrounded by like-minded people.

This will keep you disciplined and on the right track. Remember to stay motivated and enjoy your new life in fulfilling your fitness goals.

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