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Swimming is Fantastic for Shedding the Pounds But Has Many Other Benefits

Go Swimming
Go Swimming

Swimming is highly beneficial for your health. Whether you are involved in competitive swimming or you are a social swimmer and do it for fun, it has many positive qualities going for it.

For the leisure swimmer, you can swim as fast as you want or go as far as you want. There is no pressure to achieve any goals or to set any records. However, if the exercise is done on a regular basis, over time, pace and distance will increase as a natural consequence to becoming fitter.

Swimming is a great way to drop those pounds whilst having an enjoyable time. While swimming by yourself is fantastic, most swimming pools will have some sort of exercise program such as water aerobics and aqua fitness lessons that will help you to drop the pounds and tone up at an enhanced rate, plus you will have a lively social life at the same time.

It is a terrific exercise to incorporate into the Venus Factor weight loss program. Burning calories as well as reducing calorie intake will burn off the pounds very quickly.

Heart and Lungs
Heart and Lungs

When you go for a swim, it really works out the circulatory system. The benefits to the heart are immense because nearly all of the major muscles get a good work out and to get the extra oxygen to them, the heart and lungs have to work overtime to provide the fuel to make them work efficiently. Plus increased blood flow will circulate and carry essential nutrients more effectively around the body. More mature people will find it one of the best ways to exercise.

It is perfectly normal and healthy to get somewhat breathless when you go for a swim, it means that your organs are toiling away and you are getting a benefit from it, as long as you don’t push it too hard too soon. Over time, your heart and lungs will get accustomed to the additional work that they are doing and grow stronger to compensate.

You will find that in quite a short time your speed will increase, your length of swims increase and your recovery rate will be much faster.

For someone that wants to lose weight, swimming is a wonderful exercise but it has other benefits too.

When an injury has occurred to a leg for instance and it has lost mass and strength, swimming can be used to make the leg stronger as part of a rehabilitation program. The reason it’s so advantageous is that it is a low impact exercise. It doesn’t jolt the joints, tendons and muscles as running would do.

Stressed Out
Stressed Out

People go for a swim because it is enjoyable. They meet their friends at the pool, take the family for an outing or simply to get out of the house and relax.

If you are very stressed out, heading down to the pool for an energetic session will certainly relieve the tension.

There are so many benefits connected with swimming and losing calories and burning fat is just one of them.

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