What Is The Pilates Reformer

The Pilates reformer is one of the key pieces of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates and although from a distance it probably looks like a medieval torture table, it is actually far better for your health!

The reformer provides finely tuned resistance to help improve core strength and body alignment, which in turn improves flexibility. If you regularly attend classes, you will probably come across different styles of them—some are made of wood, whereas some are constructed from metal. Some manufacturers include leather or rope straps, and some are built on legs, much like a table. But no matter what they looks like, the basic functions remain the same.

Many Pilates classes concentrate on the provision of exercises based entirely around the reformer, so it can be helpful to understand what each part actually does as well as how the machine functions.

  • Foot bar: the foot bar is located at one end of the reformer and the height of it can be adjusted using the built in gear system.
  • Springs: these provide some resistance from the machine and the rest comes from your own body weight. Springs are normally colour coded, from the lightest resistance of a green spring, to the heaviest resistance of a red spring. The Pilates instructor will let you know which spring you need to use as many variations of resistance can be achieved by using different combinations of springs.
  • Carriage: this is the part that you lie, sit, kneel, or stand on. The carriage moves when you push against the foot bar or pull on the straps at the other end. It is designed to glide along the inside of the frame in response to the amount of effort and resistance exerted.
  • Head rest: this can be used up or down, and it mostly depends on which position is the most comfortable for you.
  • Shoulder blocks: these keep your shoulders stable when you push or pull the carriage. They can also be used to prop up the feet, hands, or knees for various exercises.
  • Straps or ropes: these are connected to a pulley system and have handles to help you push or pull the carriage using your hands or feet.

Once you have an understanding of how it works, you will discover that there are more than one hundred different exercises you can use it for. A class is the best place to start using a reformer, but once you are more familiar with its functionality, you might like to consider buying one for your home gym.

They can be purchased from online Pilates equipment retailers. They are fairly expensive, but if you prefer practicing Pilates at home and you have the room to accommodate large pieces of equipment, you might consider this to be the best choice for you. If in doubt about which ones are going to be the best buy, take advice from an instructor.

Reformer Exercises

It is a modern exercise machine that takes the workout regime to the next level. This machine can help in maintaining the health of internal and external health. If you are not sure about using this machine then you must learn more about the routines.

Pilates is an exercise form that aims at deriving body balance to offer maximum strength and flexibility in the body. The concept is to build the core strength. The aim at practicing principles such as centering the power, control over breath flow and concentration.

This slow paced work out needs you to focus and can lower your stress and anxiety levels. Though traditionally, Pilates was performed on a mat but now with equipment called Pilates reformer, it has become a part of the fitness industry.

When you use this device to perform the Pilates, it allows you to do your training correctly. Even the exercises which are challenging and hard can be carried out with great ease.

When you perform the routines using this machine, it allows the user to use the body weight as a resistance power and tone up easily. The equipment which hit the market initially was the size of a double bed with the dresser’s width.

You can lie on it, kneel down, sit down and stand up with great comfort. The machine has springs on it to offer good amount of resistance and the ropes and pulleys that can be adjusted would enable you to do all routines correctly.

What are the benefits you would enjoy through reformer exercises?

The benefits that you would get are listed below. They are:

Improved flexibility

When you are in search of a good stretch, then use the machine. When the workouts are done using the fitness equipment, you can focus on the length of the session and the muscle stretch you wanted. These stretches aim at the single muscle group as the benefit increases flexibility of the body. This explains why dancers, performers and sports persons use this machine for their training.

Enhanced body posture

If you think you are slouching a bit while sitting or standing then it means you have to begin using this machine. As all the reformer routines are aimed at the core, your spinal strength and flexibility improves. You would be able to stand straight and sit straight as the core would be strengthened and would flex well to maintain it every time.

You can also work on the core muscles to stay fit and strong as having a straight posture would help you flaunt your well toned abs or what the ab crunches have done to your abs. There are many people who suffer from severe back pain when they carry out some exercises. This is owing to a weak lower core which can be strengthened with the help of workouts using the machine.

Improved muscle endurance

When you enhance the muscular endurance, it indicates that you are undertaking the exercises in the right way. It would help the muscles to have a lot of endurance as their ability to sustain any kind of strain involved in the workouts is improved.

You can train them well using this equipment as you can perform bicep curls when compared to the first time. When you will use this equipment, your body muscles would have a resistance to improve the endurance in them.

Get a super physique

If you are envy when you see people with lean and toned muscles, then you can also get the super hot body with these routines. Instead of the bulky look, the fibers in the muscles would stretch and offer a toned look. This is why female opt for performing the workouts using this amazing machine.

The Advantages of Carrying Out Reformer Exercises

Speaking about the routines, the main advantage that one gets to enjoy is that it is very simple yet effective which means even a newbie can workout in a better way. As they can be done in many different ways, you would not be bored of doing the same after a few sessions as the excitement is maintained, even after years.

New learners can learn the basics of these workouts easily and can experience best results within a short while. If you wish to practice Pilates reformer exercises then make sure that you practice it regularly as it can maintain your figure without letting you strain too much about it. There are a number of routines for you to carry out which can tone up the legs, arms, core muscles and can improve your body posture.

Get killer abs

Pilates can work well on your ab muscles by penetrating deeper unlike the ab crunches that work only your top ab muscles. These routines help to work the ab muscles as it focuses on the sides and the mid portion without having any action associated with it. While rotating workouts, it also helps in stretching the leg muscles, pelvic region and tones the abs.

Enjoy the benefits of cross training

When you have a strengthened core, it can make your life much easier. You might be an athlete and would notice various postures by gaining control over the core muscles as the pelvic region would be trained as a part of the exercises. This would help you scoop in a better way while you run, stand up taller and have a better posture. You might also enjoy the benefits if you are in to aerobics or dancing.

No need to struggle with weights

You can now get well toned arms and legs without even lifting the weights or straining yourself too much. You can flaunt our well toned body with a better looking back, toned legs and chiseled triceps. Put away the straining squats and arm curls with the boring bar. You would experience better results within few weeks time.

Better recovery from injury

When you are suffering from back pain or have other issues with the body, exercise is a great way to help. Whether you have met a car crash and are suffering from intense back or neck pain or have been following a sedentary lifestyle that offered you body aches in return, you just need to use the machine to say goodbye to such pains.

Even those who are nursing their babies have illnesses like fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy or hyper mobile patients can enjoy the benefits of these work outs done using Pilates reformer exercises.