Pilates With An Exercise Ball

Pilates is a form of exercise that was created over eighty years ago. It focuses on strengthening your body, including your spine. It is used by many who want to strengthen their posture and many dancers also use the Pilates method.

The equipment you need to participate in the program is fairly minimal and inexpensive. One such piece of equipment commonly used in the exercises is a ball. This is used by almost everyone who participates in the Pilates program because it is such an all-around useful piece of work-out equipment.

The ball is also said to be one the most favorite by consumers who have rated it. It takes just a small amount of practice to get the full benefits of using it. It helps you have better balance and can tone your muscles.

It can be used in any sized room, whether you have a small area to work out in or a large one. Many users are even taking it to their office with them to use during breaks. Most of its reviewers say that it is also the most fun piece of equipment they own.

When purchasing your ball, make sure you purchase the correct size for your height and weight. If it doesn’t come with a pump, be sure to purchase a small one so you can continue to keep it inflated properly.

It is said to be able to give you a total body work-out, which is great for a single, inexpensive piece of equipment. Before using it, use a pump to inflate it to the proper size by following the instructions that will be included.

Some of the types routines usually done with a ball are for the stomach, chest, legs and abs. It is also said to provide good workout for better balance and a stronger spine.

Many who suffer from spine problems use it as a gentle strengthening tool. You can also do stomach exercises by simply rolling yourself over it. The types of routines that can be done with your ball are countless.

Pilates With an Exercise Ball

Participating in the art and exercise program of Pilates covers many areas of health and the strengthening of the body. It focuses on balance and working out specific areas of the body to tone muscles, along with providing support for better posture.

It can enhance strength and muscle definition. Using the program with one not only helps strengthen your muscles but can also make your workout regiment more fun.

Using one should be done correctly to avoid injury. If you are unsure how to correctly use it, you might consider joining a class that uses them as part of the program. You can also buy video’s or DVD’s to use at home in order to learn the correct way to use it with yours.

A few of the guidelines for using a ball are basically common sense. Don’t workout when you have a full stomach. Doing your Pilates with one when you have just eaten may make for an uncomfortable session. Also do not drink a lot of liquids before exercising.

Always wear comfortable clothing while doing Pilates with one. It is best to practice barefoot when possible, but if not, use a pair of socks that have a non-skid surface on the bottom.

Try to practice your exercises in a room that has plenty of fresh air, or is properly ventilated. Also make sure the room you practice in is large enough to allow you to use yours without running into others or walls.

Another well known guideline for doing Pilates with one is to use the signs your body gives you. If you are extremely uncomfortable in a certain position while using yours, then you should slowly come out of that position and try another.

Concentration is important while doing your Pilates with a ball. If the room you are in is very loud and noisy, causing you to have too many distractions, you won’t be able to have a good work-out. It’s also important to start out slowly using yours until you know how to properly use it.

Don’t over extend yourself in the beginning. Work at small routines until you feel that you have built up enough strength to go on to a more advanced set of exercises. Make sure you inhale and exhale deeply while performing with a ball. Breathing correctly is a big part of the program.

Pilates Ball Exercises

It is one of the most popular types of equipment used in the Pilates program. It is also one of the least expensive of all types of equipment. It is used primarily to help with balance. Working with it with take a small amount of practice, but once you get the general idea of how to use it, it can provide a total work-out procedure.

Using it also helps promote strengthening in your legs and arms. One of the workouts commonly practiced with the ball is done by laying on a mat on the floor or comfortable flat surface.

Bend the knees and have the heels of the feet resting on top of it. Slowly roll it across the spine. Basically, you are rolling it over your back in a slight back bend. Make sure that you are not putting all of your weight on your neck muscles. Use your heels during the roll to keep it in place. This exercise will help stretch and strengthen your spine.

Another routine commonly used with a ball is one to strengthen your legs and hips. To do this one properly, you need to sit on it at the end of your mat or the floor. Slowly use your feet to walk them away from it until your shoulders are resting on it.

Your hips will be lifted so that they are aligned with your shoulders. Your ankles should be lined up with your knees. Hold this position for two or three seconds, then slowly use your feet to go back towards the ball. Repeat approximately 5 times.

Mastering the skills used in properly exercising with yours may take some time, but it is well worth the effort for this all-around program. The stability exercises will increase the strength all of your muscles, especially the hamstrings. They come in many different colors and sizes.

It is important that you choose the correct size for your body height and weight. Most are made of a sturdy rubber product that is basically burst proof.