The Pilates Cadillac

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pilates exercise program, the name of this specialized type of equipment may be funny. However, the Cadillac is actually a wonderful tool when it comes to getting a proper Pilates workout.

Its appearance isn’t much less ridiculous than its name. It’s an odd-looking contraption that offers a host of different methods for performing exercises.

It is also known as a trapeze table, and its versatility is virtually unmatched in the world of Pilates equipment. The device was, in fact, created by the inventor of the program. Joseph Pilates created the Cadillac to help patients that were stuck in bed to rehabilitate their bodies.

The design closely follows that of a hospital bed, as Pilates available materials for creating the device were limited. It basically consists of a long bed upon which four bars are extended from each of the ‘bed posts’, spanning the length of the bed.

Upon these bars, numerous pieces of additional exercise equipment are attached, allowing for many different motions to be performed.

Types Of Equipment On Pilates Cadillac Bars

The types of equipment hung on the bars of it differ depending on the type of Cadillac that you purchase. Some common contraptions that are hung from the bars include a trapeze-like bar, cuffs that you can place your ankles into, hanging loops, and springs for the arms and the legs.

It is virtually unrivaled when it comes to versatility, and there are over eighty different types of exercises that can be performed through the proper usage of it. The type of exercise that you can participate in on the machine can range from very low intensity movements to highly trained routines that incorporate hanging from the bar.

The Cadillac allows for many of the requirements of the program to be fulfilled all by itself – one can increase the muscles of the core, develop a more flexible spine, and stretch the body out quite efficiently through proper use.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Cadillac

If you are considering purchasing one, there are some things that you should take into consideration before making a purchase. These types of equipment are generally very expensive, and if you find one that is of low cost, you should closely examine it before making a purchase.

Be sure that the one that you are purchasing has a solid frame that is made of materials that aren’t cheap and easily breakable. Also, you’re going to want to have upholstery that allows you to clean it quickly and efficiently post-workout.

Be sure that the pieces slide smoothly on the device and it’s important to buy an adjustable table-top to better accommodate those who would use your machine. Now that you know more about the machine, you can better determine whether or not the device is the right purchase for you.

If you’re curious about the device but don’t want to purchase it yet, you may want to go into a Pilates workout session at a fitness center in order to get a feel for it.

Pilates Cadillac Workout

The workout is a fun way to carry on your workout. This method of workout uses the benefits of working out on a mat and the spring tension of the machine as well.

A workout is popular due to the fact that it combines stretching out, pulling of the bones and the muscles and makes the mat exercises more fun and challenging.

There are many different types of Cadillac workout methods, a few of which have been given in the following lines:

Car stretch: kneel down on the mat facing the open end which has the forward push bar top spring loaded on it. Hold the bar and try to push it down towards your thighs and the roll your spine.Push the bar away extending your spine and lifting the chest. Now pull the bar towards yourself and then press it as you again extend your spine lifting the chest up.

Repeat this process 5-6 times, inhaling and exhaling during the flexing of your spine.

Leg springs: leg springs is another Cadillac method which can be very useful for everyone. In this method, one needs to lie down on the mat with the feet in the foot straps that have been provided in the machine.

The springs can be hooked at a desirable height to increase or decrease the tension in the legs. There can be a number of different exercises performed by using this method.

Kneeling lat pull: put a wide overhand grip on the bar of the machine, hinge back at the knees at an angle of 15 degrees with your arms.While inhaling, pull your elbows wide apart so as to bring near your chest while drawing your shoulder blades together.

Exhale while coming back to the original position. Repeat 6-8 times.