Pilates Machines, Equipment and Accessories

Pilates Equipment

Pilates being a special fitness regime requires specially designed fitness equipment for proper execution. The innovative equipment consists of a mixture of coils and high tension flexible cables. All the modern and best equipment of today follow this basic original construction with some modification. The most basic feature required from the fitness equipment is that it should be user friendly and easy to use.

The gear equipment includes the following major items.

  • Mat: The Most Basic And Simple Of The Equipment Used Which Alone Provides Hundreds Of Exercises.
  • Reformer: One Of The Basics That Can Provide Complete Body Workout.
  • Resistance Bands: Help You In Toning And Strengthening Your Muscles Through Resistance.
  • The Cadillac: It Is A Bit Complex Equipment That Provides Some Complicated And Dedicated Movements Targeting Specific Muscle Groups.
  • The Barrel: Helps You In Gaining Stability And Flexibility Through Balancing Routines.
  • The Chair: Can Provide Total Upper And Lower Body Exercises Along With Strengthening The Core Muscles.

Pilates home equipment has as good structure as you can find in a studio. Although, it is specially designed for your room use but still it is built with aluminum beams and hardwood frame which makes it to last long. An additional characteristic is the higher which makes rising and descending easier.

The home equipment has ultra flat rollers that tolerate the weight of the sliding user moving back and forth. You can perform numerous routines for toning and shaping the entire body muscles.

A popular item is the aero. It is specially designed to provide more than 50 different non impact exercises. It has a joint friendly jump board padding which decreases the stress while performing. It has safe elevated design which enables you to perform complex and advanced routines.

A unique feature of the aero is that it provides different programs and techniques encouraging hardcore cardio vascular fitness. Most of this equipment comes with instructional videos to teach the proper methods. By regular use of this equipment your body will be conditioned strengthen and liberated from aching and pain.

Yoga and Pilates are pretty much same as they both use the body’s natural resistance for carrying out exercises. They both complement each other well. You can use both apparatus to make your routines more useful and specific. With ever increasing fitness craze more and more people are using the fusion of Pilates yoga equipment.

The most common item is the mat as both exercising regimes use the mat extensively. You can also join the special classes that would not only teach basic mat movements but also the complex and expert level  equipment trainer techniques. You can increase and multiply your skills and your clientele by getting a certification of equipment trainer.

Mari Winsor equipment includes the traditional gear along with the books and videos. These books and instructional videos have done a great job in teaching its proper use for toning and shaping your body. You can purchase from online stores as well as from other sporting items stores.

Many online stores offer products at very reasonable prices. Another advantage these stores offer is various discount packages which would definitely increase sales immensely.

There are also many second hand stores that have the used items at very cheap prices. But be very careful while purchasing the used equipment or the older models and make sure that they are in good condition and are not damaged.

Pilates Mats

Pilates MatsAlmost all of the fitness studios provide you with Pilates mats. They are normally made of rubber or foam. Due to its simplicity, cheapness and portability, the mats can be easily incorporated in your home workouts. An important feature which should be looked for in these mats is the size.

Normally a mats thickness should be half an inch. It should be compact and stiff as a softer and spongy type of mat will not sustain sense of balance and proper placement. The length and width should also be reasonable, matching average sizes. There are mainly two types of natural mats, first are the roll up mats and second are the folding mats.

Mats are pretty much similar to the normal mats. They have the almost the same size and same usage. The mats are generally more dense and thick because there is a lot of standing postures requiring you to feel padded. There are exercises like seal and open leg rocker require you to have padding. The mat is less sticky and you can have a bit slippery feel.

There are many brands and stores offering a lot of discount over buying these mats. Discount mats can be found easily. Some stores offer you the discounts for limited periods, but there are many stores who claim that they offer markdowns as a life time offer. You may look at this offer bit suspiciously considering the quality but mostly they meet the general quality standards. It is also a tactic to provide the discounted mat just to capture the market or the clientele.

Natural or cotton mats made of robust cotton and blown up with pure batting. They give you the extra comfort and relaxation during your exercises. Cotton mats are thicker providing additional padding. In this category there is also a cotton mat giving the double functionality for the workouts. Utopian mats are another very useful and dynamic type of prop that can help you in carrying out some particular moves.

All these types of mats come with rollup ties facilitating storage and support in transporting. The expensive cotton mats can be protected by a mat tote bag. You can easily store carry and guard your mat from the elements. The tote bag is made of middle weight nylon having a string closure and strap and carry handle.

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer

Pilates reformer machine is perhaps the most prominent and versatile machine in the discipline. The focal point in the construction of a reformer is the sliding platform; the user can lie, sit and stand on it. The exercises can be done by using that platform and then pulling off the foot bar with help of arms, legs, ankles and wrists to move in front and back.

The reformer mainly focuses on strengthening the torso muscles and alignment of the postures. The number of exercises varies from 80 to 100. It is this huge variety that has made the reformer an integral part of almost ever fitness club.

Today Pilates classes are available in most of the fitness studios, Gyms, health clubs and rehabilitation centers where individual training sessions are held. But with its ever increasing popularity, now group reformer classes are coming in practice. Due to this a reformer was needed that fulfills the needs of group reformer classes and allegro reformer is the solution to this problem. Allegro reformer is basically the altered model which is more compact, portable and economical.

The ever increasing sales shows the increasing popularity of this system. If we talk about the sale then the major issue that concerns most of us is the price of this magical equipment. The different reviews show the price range from 2000 to 4000 US dollars.

The discounted reformers are also available but they may lack in technical precision. Used ones are also available in the market in large number. Markdown and used reformers may be good for occasional use in home but if you want to them for gym, fitness club or for regular home use then they may not be the right choice.

There are some specific reformers that have the same basic idea but focus on some specific area like we have aero reformer. It mainly focuses on burning fats by providing cardiovascular routines. They use a cardio jump board which rebound the person when he carries out the exercises.

There are number of them available in market with little bit variance in design; one of them is ifit. The most striking thing about it is that it has adjustable resistance cords. The user can almost tailor the exercises according to his needs with its help. The reformer table is another useful thing that can help you attaining the ultimate fitness.

Reviews show that there are some basic features that make a reformer the best. Those features are as follows:

  1. quality material in wood, metal and other parts
  2. smooth sliding platform
  3. high tension springs
  4. stable and balanced standing platform
  5. stable and adjustable foot bar
  6. comfortable shoulder rests for perfect alignment
  7. adjustable levels to suit different sizes

If you want to buy one, there are no. of manufacturers in the market. Some prominent names are Gaiam, Balanced Body, Peak, Stott and Gratz. These all manufacturers not provide the workout CD as well as the  instruction book or manual. Instruction books can help the user to operate the apparatus without an instructor.

If we examine the total gym vs. Pilates reformer, we note that

  1. Gym Is Expensive Compared To Reformer
  2. Gym Requires A Lot Of Space But Reformer Can Provide The Same Functionality Occupying Less Space
  3. Same Reformer Can Be Used For Every Muscle But In Gym Different Muscles Require Different Equipment.

Pilates Resistance Bands

It has some others names like the flex band and Thera band. It is a flexible resistant band mostly made of latex used in Pilates system and also used in other fitness systems for the rehabilitation process but lends it is mostly known for its used for providing huge advantages to the user.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands exercises help you in lengthening your key muscles by targeting the upper and lower body parts simultaneously. They work on the abdominal muscles resulting in improved flexibility and increased joint mobility with strong and well shaped physique. It also improves the mental and physical coordination.

With resistance bands, you can perform various routines that are mostly done with the Reformer because it alternates for the spiral resistance provided in the reformer equipment.

The Altus one is used for extension, balancing and shaping the whole body. It is useful almost every part of the body from ankle to wrist. It is incredibly dynamic and versatile item yet very simple. You can use Altus resistance bands in the following ways to gain desired fitness results:

  1. You can enfold you back by wrapping it around the back and put your arms in front of you and you will get a very useful upper body press.
  2. You can step on it and at the same time standing and curling up with the help of the biceps.
  3. In the same way leap frontward and get to your back for activating the triceps.
  4. You can lie on your back having your foot in the strip; this will give you particular leg stretch.
  5. By placing it on your feet and holding it tight will help you in abs roll back.

The most prominent of the features of this band is that it is very cheap and portable as well. It requires no special arrangements for carrying; you can take it to anyplace with you and find your Pilates resistance bands exercises more enjoyable as ever before. There are many. There are many manufacturers which provide high quality bands on a very reasonable price.

It can also be made at home, simply buy a latex roll and then cut bands according to you required size. Special handles can be used with the latex to get more comfort while holding. The ready made bands come in different price range depending upon the power of opposition given by the latex. They usually come in standard and additional strength.

There are many types of bands are available in the market. They have been specially designed for different techniques like Winsor and Denise Austin. These techniques have inherited bands from basic Pilates and have used them more specifically. Like, you can have Winsor band.

It is a simple and durable strip that provides you quite a bit comfort while you are doing you exercises with it. This is a very much accepted item due to its small size and can be very easily carried anywhere. This portability enables you to take you fitness regime even to your bedroom. There is also Denise Austin version which is quite useful yet reasonably priced.

You can also find very useful videos that can teach you Winsor band routines at home without spending a lot of money on instructors and studios. There is also Denise Austin resistance band video series useful for beginners as well as for expert level users. These videos are extremely beneficial to them who don’t have a studio in their area or who can not afford the expensive studio trainings.

Pilates Balls

Pilates Ball

Due to different competitors there are different names it gets like Stability ball, gym ball and Fit ball. Don’t let these different names confuse you they all mean for one thing that is the Pilates ball. They a useful addition to an exercise regime.

These balls are also used in other physical fitness techniques and therapeutic treatments but their combination with Pilates has earned the popularity and exposure to the masses. The ball has definitely won enormous appreciation and has complemented the Pilates principles very well.

The ball workout helps you in establishing and emphasizing balance and stability. Abdominal muscles are get activated along with spinal muscles are challenged for stability while performing. You get a better aligned posture and a better motor control with the ball. The workout would boost neuromuscular harmonization while supporting and stretching the body.

They can help in the way that the round shaped sphere is not stable surface and requires the user to stabilize the body on his own. It differs from plane surface on which the majority of drills are carried out whereas this round surface does not offer any steadiness to the position of the person who is performing the exercise. The constant process of getting stable trains the individual gets balance on his own without any help from a prop.

All the balls give you this training whether it is a bigens or bally fitness ball or even the mini version. The  ball straps assist in accomplishing the same goals that others are made for. Then comes the mini version which is very useful and the entire praise for one man for producing such a wonderful piece of equipment that is mini ball – leslee bender.

Another useful item is the massage ball, as the name suggests it gives you useful massage. The exhibitions of massage ball exercises are available over the web free of cost. The free ones are very useful in understanding the exact physical position for every move for achieving stability and improve elasticity. The display of workouts is both in image form and also in film form. These images are in downloadable form, you can download and print them to use. These printable ones can be extremely helpful in training to beginners.

Pilates and yoga ball routines make a very good combination for achieving balance and stability. Majority of them are very helpful for attaining a high degree and comprehensive level of physical stability and flexibility. The straps would allow you to execute extra exercises and boost your motivation to carry on your workouts.

Exercises produce wonderful results if done collectively. More instructors and studios are recognizing the substantial significance of mixing wonderful systems and beliefs in one really inspirational practice. You can now easily find such the beneficial classes.

Although, Pilates does not rely too much on props for attaining absolute results. But in case of beginners ball exercises are very successful in enabling them to get familiar to the importance of control, stability, flexibility and regularity that are essential. A ball workout is extremely helpful in the way that it enables a person to attain a better and improved position of balance in physical regard.

Pilates Circles

Joseph Pilates invented the circle and it is now manufactured and marketed with slight modifications. Due to these modifications and modernizations and different manufacturers, it comes with names like the fitness circle, power circle, flex ring toner, sculpting circle and spring circle. It may look quite amazing how round shaped spiral steel or an elastic plastic can provide so many movements.

Pilates Resistance RingThe circle can be used in so many ways. You can perform exercises in different positions like standing, sitting down and lying down frontward, backward and sideways. You can press both inward and outward on the perimeter with your legs and arms for adduction aerobics. You can put the circle with curved handles on shoulder and press on downward through the triceps. You can grab it by hands as you constrict in with the torso muscles.

This is astonishingly versatile item that can provide huge no of fitness advantages. The sculpting circle can help in toning upper body parts including the chest muscles and upper arms. With help of magic circle, routines can stimulate the interior and external muscles of thighs with isolating the pelvic flooring. You can improve neuromuscular organization along with better mind and body association.

The key point of magic circle exercises is to squeeze in and grasp that position which is quite hard. While holding that compressed circle you feel the real tension and get burn of your muscles. With the sculpting circle it is quite difficult to conceal your imperfection and very soon you discover strong, stiff and survival point.

Winsor Pilates circle series helps you quick fat burning resulting in effective weight loss. This series has been bought by a lot of people around the world, from common people to the elite including the top celebrities for whom any exercise system gettable irrespective of its cost. The key in Winsor circle series is self-motivated sequencing system, an easily understandable arrangement of exercises executed in a particular manner and tempo to generate utmost results.

Differing from other fitness techniques this system does not require any special and expensive equipment like the studios, and can be performed at home very easily. You can work on your major problematic area like the core muscles including abdominals, lower spinal area, hips muscles and buttocks.

Magic circle is available in variable resistance levels to fulfill the requirements of different body sizes and skill set. Some are manufactured from steel and wood and some others are wrapped in a non slipping rubber covering. Stamina magic circle has molded gripping fitted comfortably with your body and exercising postures.

It has specially prepared filling that defy any wetness and minimizing the any chance of slippery. The flexible rubber band resistance in Stamina magic circle gives quick and dedicated strength and coordination to while body muscles especially in problematic regions such as the internal and external thighs, upper arms, and torso.

With the workouts, you can improve your fitness and well-being. You can improve the mental and physical union along with breathing with its help. There are some packages are available featuring circle and video along with instruction manual. Such packages are easily and widely available. The circle and video series is extremely helpful for the beginners and they serve as good source of learning for them without spending a lot of money and time.

Pilates Chairs

Pilates is a great exercise system and it can be used to gain more enhanced with help of equipment. A chair may seem a modern piece of equipment that gives variety of exercising options. It comes in great variety of styles and almost everybody can find the chair of his choice that perfectly meets his/her requirements. The name of this equipment is quite confusing and you may think it is like a chair and you will be doing sitting workouts. But it is quite different from a normal chair resembling a stool. Due to its unique qualities a chair can be used for different types of therapies and you this simple equipment becomes the physical therapy chair. Many rehabilitation activities can be carried out with the help of Pilate’s physical therapy chair.

A popular name in the field of these exercising chairs is the Wunda chair offering you more mental ease and physical comfort of due to its robust build. The structure may look like an elegant small stool. Most of the exercises are performed while sitting on top and pushing down on pedal with feet, and some of them require you to lie down on the floor, standing up, bending forward or do push ups with the help of arms arms.

The key thing in this specially designed equipment is the modifiable spring resistance. The springs are attached to different positions giving you broad range of resistances. A really extensive and steady workout hits your torso when you push down the step using your arms or legs.

This equipment stimulates and excites the lower back muscles, buttocks area, abdominal and pelvic section and amplifies neuromuscular organization. From a rehabilitation point of view, the Wunda Chair is extremely beneficial in rehabilitation process due to its efficient extending and rebalancing the stressed and injured muscles.

With the advancement in your routines you can put in a lot of useful extensions to the Wunda chair. In very short time you will be able to do new routines and you will see the enormous and rapid and healthy changes in your body, mind and soul. Pilates being an exceptional and extraordinary regime, is an absolute complement to different therapy techniques which can give you some huge benefits.

A Wunda chair can get the status of physical therapy Wunda chair. Because it gives you a muscular low force harmonizing panel giving much desired exercises simultaneously. A Pilate’s physical therapy wunda chair may be exactly helpful to you for getting you back on your feet by making you sturdy, healthy and pleased than ever before.

The Wunda chair routines will be different according to your physical fitness level. You may need physical therapy like; there are some moves that you cannot execute until some related muscles are strengthened. Pilates is a distinctive work out that takes each person’s fitness level in consideration and alter the methods according to you ability and range.

The vast variety in alternatives, adjustments and assistance offered by Pilates has made it increasingly popular and famous. Top celebrities, professional athletes, famous musicians, and a lot of other people are incorporating the dedicated workout in their routine. You can discover the ideal chair for yourself suiting to your needs. The Wunda chair routines are superb and enormous addition to the existing Pilates practitioner’s exercise regime. Pregnant womens, physically injured people especially the injury prone athletes who need a physical therapy, all can get great benefits from chair aerobics.

Pilates Clothing

Opting for proper clothing for Pilates will definitely make your workouts more efficient and relaxed. It may be hard to pick the right outfit. It can be chosen keeping in view the age factor, postural positions, room temperature and the climate outside and your stamina.

But the first and foremost thing should be the comfortable clothing as any irritation or discomfort would stop you from performing some particular moves and poses along with low mental concentration leading to low efficiency workouts. Clothing is not very stern and limited field. There are a lot of brands selling clothes exclusively for Pilates and yoga. Clothes should be as comfy as you can have and should be more flexible for certain moves.

Apparel for men is simply wonderful because most of the companies are giving stylish items in this regard. They are so stylish and fashionable that they can compete with normal street wear and may seem better and more fashionable. The design of Pilates clothing for men is so delicate, basing on theory of the Pilates of balancing yourself mentally as well as physically. One aspect of physical balance is feeling fine about you and it is impossible to feel great if you are uncomfortable in our clothes.

One of the popular attires is T shirt made of cotton .It will facilitate your moves while stretching and inhalation and at the same time giving you a very important freedom to your arms. Keep one thing in mind, loose clothing in shirts may not be helpful, causing a hindrance for you. Then we come to pants and main thing to cater for in pants is the waist.

Some other additional things like the stiff elastics and buttons may not facilitate some moves to carry out. Popular stuff in pants is Capri style, shorts and leggings which give you a better chance to monitor you alignment during the moves. For your convenience you can go for loose stuff in pants but avoid the baggy style as it will create difficulties for you in viewing the alignment. Be very careful and make it sure that your pants let you to rise up instantly during the exercises.

Clothing generally share the similar distinctiveness. Due to this similarity they both have either loose-fitting and flow or skin tight, but extremely stretchy. Clothing for women is like skirt, generally a bit stretched, due to the stretches drawn in the aerobics. Men by and large prefer jogging shorts and relaxed little loose pants with any other t-shirt.

The popular aerobic clothing brands also includes Asquith clothing. They are specially designed wonderful clothes. They can be easily bought from the online stores but first you should see sample in you gym or studio. You will notice one thing that Asquith clothing vary from being totally white ceremonial dress to wonderful and stylish clothes suiting anybody well. But don’t just go for the sake of name of the brand while choosing the aerobic brands, always keep an eye on the material used.

You can even find kids clothing in shops. Pilates is becoming popular even in kids. If you would like to have healthy and fit children, just train them and develop a good sense of kids clothing in them. Workout clothes should be mandatory for devotees. It will truly make a distinction, not just to the exterior, but on the interior as well.