Can Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates For Weight Loss

It is great news that more and more people are looking for natural and safe ways to lose weight. There are many ways to drop the pounds naturally without any side effects. Pilates is one among them.

Healthy Mind And BodyPilates is a form of exercise that concentrates both on mental focus and physical workouts to attain the best results. You cannot expect to lose weight magically in a week, however, it is possible if you do the workouts regularly. It definitely helps in getting a trimmer, leaner and fit body.

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How does Pilates help in weight loss?

Will it help lose weight – Is it possible? This is the doubt that arises in the minds of many people. The answer is YES. Are you interested in knowing how it helps you with shedding the pounds? Read further.

Increases the muscle tone

Increases Muscle ToneThe system uses many small apparatuses like resistance bands, springs, weights and body rings etc. for workouts. These workout help in building a lean body mass. It is a proven truth that more the muscle tone, the more is the calories burnt.

Improves mental health

Improves Mental HealthIt reduces stress, anxiety and mental health issues. Stress and other mental problems can lead to emotional eating. It may slow down your metabolism. It may prevent you from exercising regularly and increases the levels of cortisol. All these factors contribute towards weight gain. Pilates helps in getting rid of all these problems. When the mental health is improved, you are sure to drop the pounds.

Creates body awareness

Exercises give importance to achieving a balance between the body and mind. When you become aware of your body, its needs and its potential, you are sure to change your lifestyle habits involuntarily. You will not develop any craving for unhealthy food.Body AwarenessYou will be more active physically, moreover, you will improve your posture. You will stand and walk with confidence. The correct posture will help you to appear thinner and taller. The improved looks will encourage you to stick to healthy habits which in turn promote weight loss.

Helps in getting flat stomach

Flat StomachWorkouts strengthen the abdomen muscles and helps in burning the abdomen fat. You can get a flat abdomen that makes you look slimmer, shapely and fit.

Enhances self esteem

Self EsteemHigh self esteem is one of the powerful tools that helps in winning the battle. Low self esteem lays a blockage in your desire to improve your physical looks and fitness. It enhances self esteem which is one of the reasons for Pilates weight loss.

It is a full body workout

Full Body Workout

Pilates works out all parts. The workout helps in losing fat evenly throughout the body.

It increases the flexibility of the body and decreases risk of injuries

Flexibility and Reduce InjuriesHow can this help in weight loss? When your body becomes flexible and becomes less prone to injuries, the efficiency and duration of workouts increases considerably. This definitely helps in burning more fat and shedding more pounds.

Although many people realize the benefits and are interested in trying it, they are reluctant to so because they have to attend a class. Not everyone can afford to spend money and time to attend a class regularly. Even if you have the time and money, you cannot be sure that you can find a certified teacher in your area. What is the solution to this problem?

It is another new year and if, like many people, you are looking in the mirror and regretting all those mince pies you ate over Christmas, you are probably wondering how you can lose some pounds before the weather warms up and you have to stop wearing all those layers—so is it likely to be of any benefit?

The good news is yes, it can definitely help you to lose fat if you start a course of classes now. New Year is the best time to sign up for some fun exercise classes or gym membership, and a weight loss fitness plan will really make a difference to your overall physique.

How will Pilates help me to lose weight?

It is about more than just exercise. It is designed to be a total body workout, both physically and mentally. Many of the exercises focus on breathing techniques, which helps you to become more in tune with your body. Attaining a strong mental focus will not only help you lose pounds by ensuring you maintain a strong commitment to exercise, it can also be applied to other areas of your life, such as your career.

The beauty of Pilates exercise classes is that you can practice the exercises at your own level of fitness. If exercise is something you have not done much of lately and you are very overweight, classes are ideal as you can begin with more gentle levels of exercise. This is by far the safest way to lessen fat as you are less likely to suffer any painful injuries.

Many overweight people suffer from back and joint problems due to the excess they carry. It is perfect for anyone who is afflicted with these types of complaints and a weight loss programme will not only help you to shed those extra pounds, it will also strengthen your core muscles, which will in turn improve your posture.

Pilates can radically improve flexibility as well as posture. Exercise programs work on all the main muscle groups in the body, and although many people think exercise classes are easy, they are most definitely not. Whilst it is a low impact type of exercise, it will still be strenuous enough to help you to drop pounds safely.

Where can I find some Pilates classes?

Most gyms now offer classes as standard. In many cases, you do not necessarily need to be a member of a gym to attend exercise classes, so it might be worth enquiring if the local gym runs pay-as-you-use classes.

If you live in a town or city, there will probably be a studio offering courses of classes, but if you cannot find anything local, the alternative is to try working from a DVD.

Many Pilates DVDs are available from various retailers, including Amazon, and as long as you follow the exercises carefully, there is no reason why you should not see the benefits within a few weeks.

The best solution is to buy a Pilates for weight loss DVD. There are many DVDs available in the market. Buy the best that teaches the workouts easily. It should have easy to follow instructions and videos.

A DVD is very beneficial because you can workout at any place convenient for you. You need not waste your time driving in the annoying traffic. If you want to do in a group, you can include a few interested friends. It can be real fun and extra motivation to do the workouts regularly.

You can also do it with your spouse. You will get a chance to spend more time with your spouse and this will tighten the bond of love. Pilate’s weight loss is a proven fact. Have no second thoughts. It is worth a try.