Can Pilates And Pregnancy Go Together? 6 Reasons Why They Do

In short, following advantages you will be having if you choose pregnancy + Pilates combination:

1. Abdominal And Back Muscles Strength.
2. Easing Of Stress Or Strain.
3. Mental And Physical Relaxation.
4. Rather Less Pain In Delivery.
5. More Chances Of A Safe Delivery.
6. No Addition Of Unwanted Weight.

Can Pilates and pregnancy go together? The answer is surprisingly yes. Interesting fact which has been proved. During this time, it has become a norm in women due to its assistance in easing the pain. It helps in strengthening and toning the abdominals, pelvic floor and back. The concept of this type of Pilates has won appreciation of many as it helps in and stabilizing core muscles.

The extensive research done specifically on the benefits of doing it during pregnancy reveals that it is more beneficial than without. It is actually very gentle type of exercise. It does not put any extra stress on the joints. But dealing with sensitive issue like pregnancy would require extra care as the body undergoes a lot of changes during the period. It can be achieved by modifying the system.

Pregnant Pilates is actually modified system. By modifying it for pregnancy, one can reduce the pain and stress during this process because the abdominal muscles and the back muscles work together to support the weight of the child.

A lot of material is available for guidance on the exercise. This information is in form of books, videos and on the web also. One very prominent and useful book is Mari Winsor Pilate’s pregnancy. Mari Winsor, an enthusiastic Pilate’s practitioner revolutionized the system.

The Windsor system teaches how to exercise to be physically and mentally fit and to avoid the addition of unwanted weight during this phase. Although, there is a lot of help available, still one needs to consult the qualified Pilates practitioner to have the desired results because the body experiences a lot of changes during pregnancy. In absence professional teaching and monitoring things can go wrong. To fully enjoy the doing while pregnant, one should start before getting pregnant.

Due to the dynamic nature of the system, it can alone produce the desired results but a little bit extra always helps. If it is coupled with other fitness systems like yoga, extraordinary benefits can be enjoyed.

Fitness trainers have made fusions of Pilates and yoga. This fusion has also become popular and it has large information available. The advantage of this fusion would be double as yoga would ease any mental stress or strain and it would make the muscles strong and vigorous to sustain the upcoming labor.

To enjoy the full advantage of it, the most effective source would be either being a qualified trainer or DVDs. These DVDs are videos of the exercises recorded by experts of Pilates and yoga. These DVDs of Pilate’s yoga workouts are a good source of learning the system and winning the advantages. So if you want to enjoy your laborious times don’t just sit back have one of DVD.

Experience this magic yourself.