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There is Such a Thing as a Perfect Shape for Your Body

Waist Hip And Shoulder
Waist Hip And Shoulder

Contrary to popular belief and at the risk of sounding offensive, it is a fact that there is a perfect shape for the woman’s body.

There is a field of anthropology that is connected to how various body parts are correlated in proportion to one another that has come up with this ratio. This ideal shape has been called the “Venus Index” by the Venus Factor team.

The index is centered around three ratios between your height, waist, hip and shoulder.

First of all there is the height to waist ratio, then there is the waist to hip ratio, and finally there is the waist to shoulder ratio. The exact proportion of the index is probably not known by most women but they have probably heard of the term “hourglass shape”. Practically every woman however can achieve this perfect shape.

When weight loss and dieting is talked about in the mass media, it always seems to be focused on getting as thin as possible without any other considerations. It doesn’t matter what shape that you become, as long as you are losing the pounds, then everything else is okay.

However, looking good and having a body that is healthy is much more than just losing weight. To be skinny doesn’t necessarily mean to be healthy. It has more to do with the tone of your muscles and having any body fat in the right place on the body. You need to set a target and that is to achieve an ideal shape.

There are many diseases that according to current studies are linked to the shape of a person’s body. For instance, many weight related diseases such as heart disease and strokes can be associated to the correlation between the heart and waist. Note that this is one of the ratios on the Venus Index that women should be targeting.

There are four basic shapes that a woman’s body can be classified into, the banana, the apple, the pear and the hourglass shapes. Your body will naturally tend towards one of those shapes if you don’t have a lot of muscle because it is muscle that defines your body shape ultimately. The good news is that it doesn’t matter which shape that your body is at the moment, if you work on defining or toning your muscles at the same time as shifting your excess bodyfat stores, you will end up with a curvaceous, slim figure.

This shape that you work towards will end up resembling the ideal hourglass shape. This goal is what the Venus Factor works towards meaning that your real inherent figure will reveal itself and your body won’t start to store fat.

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