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Leptin And Womens Bodyweight Loss – Leptin Resistance Diet

Men have a different set of hormones to that of women, that much is obvious.

Generally speaking, the testosterone and oestrogen levels in the two sexes are poles apart from one another, and with reference to weight loss particularly, the levels of leptin vary significantly too.

Leptin is a protein hormone that lets your brain know the status of your levels of energy. It helps to regulate the desire for food, metabolic rate and the fat loss and fat gain indicators. When you are not eating, the level of the hormone decreases, and when you are eating, the level of the hormone increases. This fluctuating level helps to govern how hungry we feel and also to manage our metabolism so that our bodyweight remains relatively constant. So long as we don’t let the leptin levels deviate too much one way or the other, our fat won’t increase or decrease too much.

The problem is that when we go on a crash diet, the levels of the hormone in our bodies drop like a stone and losing adipose tissue becomes hard to achieve. If that isn’t bad enough, many people suffer a reverse reaction and are subjected to large increases in fat stores.

Women experience this problem far more than men do because the level of leptin is typically higher in women than it is in men. Coupled with this sticking point is that when women diet, their levels decrease to such an extent that it becomes a lot lower than a man’s level.

This basically means that women have greater extremes of leptin levels because they produce higher peaks and deeper troughs than men when they diet. These wide variances of the levels are capable of causing reverse reaction weight increases when women commence typical crash diets.

Men’s levels of leptin on the other hand, are limited to a comparatively small extent and they are predictable in the way that they fall and rise within that range. This means that men’s levels are far less extreme than women’s, allowing them to stick to a conventional calorie controlled diet. The upshot is that they are able to lose the amount of pounds that they want without any significant bodyweight fluctuations in doing so.

Because women go through very large fluctuations in the hormone levels, they require a diet that is well thought out and specifically directed to reduce those fluctuations. One particular dieting method that is becoming more and more commonplace is the inclusion of a cheat day. After many days of dieting, your level of leptin is going to drop considerably and the cheat day is a day in your diet plan that is designed to raise your levels back up to normal. During the cheat day, you will be able to consume a lot more carbohydrates so that levels will increase.

It may appear to be an ideal solution but the idea of cheating may seem questionable to some people and so it probably requires some minor modifications. First of all, the word cheating suggests that you can use the day to eat anything you desire and consume as much junk food as you want. Secondly, cheating infers that you are doing something dishonest or incorrect.

A better phrase to use instead of cheat day is a tactical eat up day. Women require these tactical eat up days more frequently than men do in order to maintain the fat burning process. They need to include them into their diet plan to avoid tumbling levels of leptin and the ensuing rebound weight increases.

Men are fortunate in that they could consume extremely low calories and carbohydrates for a few weeks running without any significant issues that will stop the continuation of their adipose tissue loss because their leptin levels aren’t going to drop drastically.

For women, it really is a balancing act to discover the ideal point between how many tactical eat up days to perform versus how many days dieting to do. If you can attain the perfect equilibrium, the pounds will fall off really quickly, and not only that, since you are able to get a regular respite from the routine of your diet plan, the whole process will be far more pleasurable.

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